An Oregon Waterfall

A waterfall near Multnomah falls in Oregon

There’s a lot to be said about a tripod, filters, waterproof shoes & patient friends. I was in Oregon on a mission trip working with the homeless of Portland when we decided to take a sightseeing day. We were on our way up to the Multnomah falls when we stopped for a few pictures. I noticed a trail leading off into the woods, so I told the group I was with I’d be right back. For me, “I’ll be right back” can have several meanings. While watching a movie “I’ll be right back” can mean, don’t pause it because I’ll only be gone a moment. But when there are pictures to be taken, its more like “please don’t leave without me.” This particular shot was about a five minute hike down the trail. I decided to get into the river itself to get the best angle. I knew that in order to catch the silky water I’d need several things. 1) my Circular-Polarizer filter, 2) possibly my Neutral Density filter, 3) my tripod, 4) to dry my shoes later… All of these and another 5 minutes later, this image was finished. I hiked back to the van & apologized to my friends for taking so long & we continued our drive.


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