A Word About Depth of Field

Playing with Depth of Field is probably one of the easiest ways to get artistic in photography. Assuming you can get a low aperture number (f/#) the blurry background is relatively easy to accomplish. Depending on your distance to your subject, any aperture below f/3 is going to give you a decently blurred background. The picture below was taken about 5 feet from the subject. I was able to choose what I wanted in focus, as well as what I wanted to be blurred. If you have a camera with an aperture preview button, I highly recommend playing with it to see what your shot will look like when its taken. This button doesn’t really mean a lot now days since most cameras are digital. In the old days (10 years ago), the aperture preview button was really handy so you wouldn’t waste film. Now you can just delete the image right away, one of many handy improvements digital cameras has made.

Taken about five feet from the subject: 170mm f/3.3 for 1/60


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