Details in the Little Things

Lately I’ve been trying to slow down & actually look at the world around me. Since I’ve started doing this I’ve noticed that there is a lot of details that I’ve been missing out on. I heard one Biologist say that every flower is unique, just like snow flakes. If this is true, imagine for just a moment the diversity on this earth…

Mountain Laurel

Hibiscus Up Close

Lilly of the Valley

After realizing that I’ve been missing out on simple things like the details in flowers, I started to wonder… How much am I missing out on relationships with other people? Am I so busy that I miss opportunities to notice the pain in someone’s “Hello,” or am I so focused on what I have to say that I miss out on listening to someone else… May we all slow down & pay more attention to the details today, either in nature, or in our relationships.


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