Reflecting on Reflecting

I’ve never been good at Journaling. I remember when I was in high school one of my teachers made it a requirement to keep a journal each morning, for one month. This was basically torture for me. I couldn’t do it. True it was only a month, but two days in to the assignment, I gave up. At that point in my life my parents were going through a divorce and I felt really alone. It was too difficult to look inside myself. Maybe I was afraid I’d never be able to get out again. Or maybe I just had never been taught how to do it. Either way I gave it up, I took the “F”. 15 years later, I’ve decided to give it another try. For some reason, this time, it works. I’ve found that looking inside myself can be pretty painful. Sometimes self reflection can turn your life completely upside down. Sometimes my inner self can look all blurry & unfocussed and I feel like I just need some point of reference to stay on track. But it always gives me a new perspective on my life & the way I live.


The other day after a nice rainstorm I was at the local Lowe’s home & garden store shopping for garden accessories. I knew we’d be looking at a lot of flowers so I figured I’d bring my camera. I’m not really sure if its legal to take pictures of flowers at Lowe’s or not, but whats done is done. I Got some really interesting reflections in water droplets. I want to play with this some more, but these are my initial reflections. Some are blurry & unfocussed, others are in focus. I think a lot of times I see myself in these pictures, despite how unfocused, despite how upside down the reflection is… its still beauty.

Reflection #1

Reflection #1

Four Little Drops

Four Little Drops


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