Star Gazing

I have always enjoyed a good starry sky. I remember starry nights as I was a kid, lying out on a blanket with my mom & brother, talking about all of the possibilities of life. Life is more peaceful, more clear when you’re lying on your back looking at billions of lights. Some stars are different colors, if you stare long enough. Others appear to dance in the sky.


There is a song by Sarah Groves called “Maybe There’s a Loving God” that I’ve always related to. In the song, Sarah shares a “rhythm calling” that we’ve all heard, maybe not as loudly as other things in our lives, but we’ve all heard that otherworldly calling that draws us to ask: why? how come? and when will… I feel like I can hear that rhythm more clearly staring at the night sky. For me, its a time to just hang out with me. I need that occasionally. I need some me time to figure things out, to process the hard questions in life, and to understand my purpose. Sometimes I get clarity, most times I just get a good view.

You’ve probably never noticed stars move, I’m not talking about shooting stars either. Its so subtle you can’t see it with the naked eye, but if you have a good tripod and a clear night. Try catching the movement of the stars, its a little tricky finding that sweet spot of Aperture, ISO & Shutter duration but can be very rewarding. I haven’t perfected it yet, but I really enjoy trying!


Challenge yourself on a clear night this week to take some time to hangout with you. Take your camera, a tripod, & remote if you have one. See what develops. You may find your world begin to spin, or you may just get some clarity.


4 thoughts on “Star Gazing

    • Yeah, the North Star is pretty constant. As the earth spins all of the other stars appear to move. If you point the camera in the opposite direction, they would be stipes instead of circles. I really struggle with getting the right color for the sky. I want to get the deep black sky with the bright stars, but you have to wait so long for each exposure, so if you need to adjust your settings again you have to wait even longer to see the results… And maybe have to change it again. It is fun though!

      • Oh yeah, I should also mention that tweeking the white balance can really change the color of the sky at night, the same as sunsets…. just incase you wanted to play with it some time.

      • I imagine you have to leave the shutter open so long that other light creeps in, brightening the sky and everything else. That seems like it would be very difficult.

        At least with the white balance you don’t have to take the picture over and over to cover every possible setting before you get the shot you want. You can flip the settings around on Camera Raw or something similar after the fact.

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