A Fresh Start

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. To be honest, I lost my job & my entire world has been turned upside down. The last few months have been filled with a gamut of emotions, I finally feel like I’m just now starting to get back on my feet. I’ve found a new job and have relocated my family two states south of where I was before. I’m now living in a place I never really wanted to live, a place where my options for photography have been greatly reduced. I’ve come to terms with all of this change & started trying to find a little hope. As my wife & I were “nesting” in our new home this week, my responsibility has been to paint. I painted my way through college, it was a fun way for me to pay for my education. Since then, I’ve painted all of the places we’ve lived in. I really enjoy painting. Even if it doesn’t really need to be done, painting a room can really change a room.

To start with, every room has its little blemishes. Little nail holes, or places where the movers banged the chair into the wall while delicately handling the few things you possess… these imperfections might get overlooked by some, but not me. If I’m going to make a room my own, I’m going to make it the best I can! This particular room above is my new office, the previous owners must have had a small daughter, or just liked the color pink. The second I saw the room, I knew it was going to get a makeover. I filled in all of the holes I could find, took special care to prep the room for painting (cleaned the baseboards, taping all of the trim, removed the covers from the fixtures & taped those too).

It is a lot of work for such a small room, but I feel good painting. It is a time when I can just be in my own mind. No distractions, no other people around, just me & the walls. I get some of my best thinking done when I paint (I like to keep a note pad nearby too, just in case something is profound enough to write down for later). When I’m done, I feel like my soul is fresh & clean too, maybe its just the paint fumes…

Once a room is finished being remade, its time to decorate! My wife loves the decorating part, I just do what she says… but I do have to admit, there is something special about a room that is finished, I imagine its as though the room feels loved. A lot of time & attention goes into making a room fit in itself. You can’t just throw any object into a newly decorated room. Everything has to have its place.

My office is where I do most of my work, I write lesson plans, edit pictures, do a little reading, and sometimes catch up on some Bejeweled. So it has to represent a bit of me, I need to feel at home there. For me, this whole experience has really gotten me thinking. We all need to take a step back and look at our lives. Sometimes we need God to come in & recreate us. Some times we need to be reminded of what we love & need to make our lives complete. As difficult as things have been recently, I’m glad its happened. True I’m getting paid less, if I step outside I’m guaranteed to start sweating immediately, and it takes over 30 minutes to get anywhere in town because of traffic.

But I’ve learned about all sorts of things in my life that I needed to work on. Some of my little imperfections have been replaced by God’s grace putty, my wife and I are closer now than ever, I have an income, we are living in a nice home instead of on the streets.  My life is an open book, waiting to be written on. I have been given something I’ve needed for a while, a fresh start.



One thought on “A Fresh Start

  1. That’s a beautiful room. I have noticed that God makes our lives over (and over and over and over…) more often that I’d like at times. But it’s not for the heck of it. He does it when there’s something to be gained, something He needs us to be, a few spaces we need to grow into. And we always end up more beautiful than when He started.

    Great color, by the way. I’m always scared to use bold colors, but admire them greatly when they work as well as that one.

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