Eye Believe in God

The human eye is an amazing thing. Scientists are still pretty confused as to how exactly it works. We have a general idea of electric pulses being sent to the brain which project an image (reversed & upside down). But as to how & why it works… they just don’t know. It is difficult for me to imagine something like this evolving over time. There are just too many variables that could prevent such an amazing thing from taking place. Also, every eye is unique… like a finger print. Why is that? How is that possible? Just looking at the human eye, I have to believe in some sort of intelligence beyond a chance occurrence of the right conditions making a human eye possible. Plus they’re pretty. And really difficult to photograph up close!

If you ever doubt the existence of God, go stand in front of the mirror for ten minutes and marvel at those things on either side of your nose. Ask yourself, how is this possible? I choose to believe that God created eyes as one more way of making each person on the planet unique & special to Him.

In light room, I just unsaturated everything except the Iris... my eye is actually blue... but when I removed the color surrounding it, they look golden. It just goes to show again, that color is effected by the color around it.


7 thoughts on “Eye Believe in God

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