Food Photography

I’m always amazed at how each type of photography requires slightly different techniques. Food photography is no different. A lot of food blogs tend to have really great light. I’ve found that if you don’t have access to studio lighting, you can always over expose the image to create a soft white look for the shots. It doesn’t take a lot, even just a half to a full stop will do. This goes against my initial response to zero the bracketing on my camera, but I have found some good results by over exposing.

My wife works in the Pastry industry, so she often plays around in the kitchen at home. Not only do I get to photograph what she makes, I get to eat it too! Here are some of the yummy sweets she’s made. Be very jealous 🙂



8 thoughts on “Food Photography

    • haha, yeah I don’t know that much about it either :S I got a book on it & have just been trying to emulate what I see in magazines & food blogs. Its different, but fun!

  1. Is there a particular technique you use to sharpen your images so effectively? I’ve noticed that is the difference between a lot of the images that look so professional and the ones that just look “normal.” Since these look so terrific, I thought maybe you could shed some light on the subject (or overexpose it for me, whichever).

    • Thanks Alayne! Well, I use Adobe’s Lightroom to get rid of noise & sometimes I’ll up the clarity if it needs it. It really just depends on what look I’m going for. But Noise is always an issue that may not be noticeable until you get rid of it.

      • You could use Photoshop’s noise reducer (toolbar at the top of the program it would be Filter-Noise-Reduce Noise) it gives you pretty good control of how much you want removed. Typically if I’m using PS, I’ll up the strength & back off the detail until I get what I want. Removing detail will make your pictures a little more blurry, which can be good for portraits, but not necessarily with landscapes or anything you need details with. Play with it & see if you like them better after you’ve tweaked the noise out of them 🙂
        Also you shoot with a D80 right? it should have a noise reduction feature on it combining that with intentionally setting your ISO to a lower setting will greatly reduce how noisy a picture is.

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