Sainte Sulpice

A great little cathedral nestled a block away from our hotel in Paris. Okay, so its not actually that small. In fact it is actually one of Paris’ larger cathedrals. But, because of its simplicity & lack of the typical tourist flair, it often gets overlooked. Personally I found it very charming, and aside from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, it may just be my favorite Cathedral so far.


2 thoughts on “Sainte Sulpice

    • I believe it was built in 1646 in honor of & dedicated to Sulpitius the Pious… some catholic guy 🙂 Probably a pope or something.

      I believe those are actually copies of THE shroud of Turin. It was difficult to read the sign, what with it being in french & all 🙂 I know that the original Shroud was on tour back in November & then went to have some scientific testing done. I know the original is white/tan… this one is obviously a negative image to enhance the “relic.”

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