Sun & Fun Flyin

This weekend I went down to Lakeland Florida for the Sun & Fun Flyin. Like almost every other airshow, the Sun & Fun Flyin is just short of a week long & has everything from old time war birds to missionary aircraft & ultra-light aircraft. If you get tired of walking around looking at them on the ground, there’s a day’s worth of entertainment going on in the sky. It always amazes me how some of these can stay in the air. Other demonstrations are just sheer power, maneuverability, or speed. In all, it was a lot of fun!

I imagine it’d be difficult to fly this low to the ground… and sideways…

I really wish this hadn’t gotten cut off, it was actually in focus for a change


5 thoughts on “Sun & Fun Flyin

  1. Ok…let me just say there are some INSANE action pics here in this set!! Everyone should know that this collection of pics was from just one afternoon. There are many postcard shots here!! However, there are some that I personally feel the US Air Force “Thunderbirds” would love to license from Tim if they saw them! I’m going to make a couple phone calls tomorrow for the heck of it… James

  2. At Sun and Fun I got only two decent shots with my non SLR camera. With the sun behind us I just couldn’t frame a shot in time to catch a plane in the air. Got the B-29 on take-off and the stearman. MY telephoto was too short to allow for detailed enlargements. Thanks for the shots you took. Downloaded a few for my file. James sent me you blog access and I just couldn’t resist the reminders of what we actually saw.

    Hope to make it back to Oshkosh some day.

    Best regards.


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