Reflections in San Diego

My job allows me to travel quite a bit. One of the things I really appreciate about traveling, in addition to meeting new people and seeing new places, is the ability to spend time in my own head. Every time I travel I try to look for places to photograph in my down time. I don’t always find good views, but I always find time to be in my own head while photographing.

This time in my own head is essential to my sanity. If I don’t create time to process life’s ups and downs, I quickly find myself overwhelmed.  I’ve noticed that the more time I spend in my own head, the clearer my thoughts become.

In photography, a longer exposure time can produce better reflections. In this image below, my settings were ISO 800, f/2.8, for one second. This resulted in nice reflections, but I didn’t like how the ripples and waves were visible. So I made a few adjustments.


In the next image, I dropped the ISO to 50, closed the aperture down to f/8, and exposed for just over three minutes. This resulted in some very nice reflections for the fixed light points. The waves disappeared.

Sometimes all that’s needed in life is to slow down. Spending time in my own head helps the waves of life to disappear, and helps me to focus on the fixed points that are really important in my life.  Here’s to wishing you good reflections!


The Itch

It has been way too long since I traveled. I really miss it. As frustrating as it is to pack, go through security at airports, try to interact in a language different than my own, and try to get around in an unfamiliar city… I’d give up the monotony of daily life in an instant in exchange for a little travel! There is just something exciting about the unknown. There is something special about finding your way in a foreign place that makes you feel alive. Your world can become bigger when you travel. You become exposed to different ways of living life; different perspectives. It forces you to choose to see yourself (and the world around you) in the same way, or from a different perspective. Travel experiences can make you a bigger and better person, if you let it. So, inadvertently my desire to travel is actually a desire to become more self aware. That’s an itch that should never be fully scratched.

For those of you with a similar itch to travel, here are some older pictures from different trips. In each place, I have learned a little bit more about myself and the people I’ve met there. Here’s to the hope of scratching more of that itch soon!

Vanderbilt Estate

Vanderbilt Estate

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Big Ben

Big Ben



Kennedy Space Center

Recently I had the opportunity of taking some of my students to the Kennedy Space Center Museum. Having loved space, yet never been able to go myself, this seemed like a great opportunity. The tours were informative and very interactive, not quite enough to keep teenagers’ attention, but I had a ball. Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.


While Waiting

Airports can be extremely frustrating places to have to be in, especially if you have a very short layover, you’re hungry, tired, & kids are crying. But they can also be wonderful places to photograph if you have the time. Here are a few of my favorite shots from my own travels:

Trying to find the gate at MIA

Enjoying some grub while waiting at CLT

Watching other travelers leave at PDX

Watching the comings & goings of other flights at CLT

Trying to nap at CDG