In photography, framing is how you see the shot. it is the process of selecting the subject & content of a picture. As the photographer, you decide what is important & then capture it in an image. How a photographer frames an image tells you a lot about the photographer & what is important in that image. So choose your content wisely.

Roman Pigeon

I took this picture outside the Campo de Fiori, in Rome Italy. The server had been standing around waiting on potential customers when the pigeons arrived for handouts. The server looked at my wife & I and pulled out some bread crumbs from his pocket and began to hand feed the pigeons, it seemed he did this often. In this image, I chose to cut off the server’s head in exchange for making the pigeon the subject of the scene. This shot then becomes less about the man’s ability to feed the pigeon, and more about the pigeon’s desire for food.


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